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H100i and 1150 (Asus Z87-Plus)


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Yesterday I upgraded my computer to a shiny new i7-4770K.


I was surprised to see that the bracket for my H100i that I bought with it simply would not fit in the mounting holes, despite reading all over the internet that the holes were the same as 1155. The bracket is about 1/4" too wide.


The Intel retail heat sink fit perfectly and I returned my H100i to Microcenter, one of the reps there commented that I was the second person to return a cooler because it didn't fit.


Any idea what's going on?

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I also just upgraded to a new i7 4770k with the Asus Z87-Pro, and picked up a new H100i to go along with it.


I can verify that the backplate fits. Each of the four mounting holes in the backplate are able to slide back and forth a few mm. I had to adjust them before the plate would line up and be able to be inserted into my motherboard.


I am not sure if this is really a problem or not, but the standoffs on the front side of the motherboard don't sit flush against the board after screwing them in; there is a few mm of play. I've seen this issue mentioned in other places on this forum, but it sounds like it may actually be normal.. I'm not sure. The pump appears to still screw down snugly. My CPU (at stock) idles around 29-30C and it was hitting 63C after running 30 minutes of prime95 in-place large FFTs. I haven't seen any other reports of "normal" temps with the 4770k + H100i out there, so I don't know if these are good temps or not yet.

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