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Dominators Heatsink + Coolermaster X6 = Trouble, Need some advice..


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As title says...


Recently ive purchased this coolermaster X6 elite CPU cooler, it seemed to be all cool with this design to optimize airflow and all but... I guess I just a common mistake but not realizing that its rotated angle makes the fan right above slot 1 and 2, my DDR3 dominators cant go under it! major problem here... I cant afford new sticks neither can return this cooler so I believe I have three options here...


1. use the cooler on reverse position, instead of the fan mounted towards the front of the case, place it reversed, pointing the rear end of the case, wich is bad... with this mount i get on on load temperatures reading 52C, while monted it in the correct position, it reads barely 44C


2.use sticks on slot 3 and 4, wich kills dual channel, unless I still could... somehow...


3. remove the heatsink, wich its probably a bad idea and would certainly get my crucified unless corsair team would say the otherwise... it could void the warranty, i know, and the heatsink is there for a reason... but i have a pretty good case and a pretty good airflow inside, i do not push my sticks more than they are supposed to (1.65v) as states the box... so.. can I do this?


#I already searched the forum a bit and found a topic about removing the fins... even so... the cooler wont fit... need to remove the entire thing..


god, im in trouble... any ideas...?


btw, sorry i dont speak english.

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Just as an update for this matter, and not wanting to change the subject (much), I guess i found 4th option wich seemed to be surprinsingly better than ever installing the cooler the default way...


losing dual channel was not an option, removing heatsink wasnt either, and , as said mounting it in the rear side of the cooler would hurt temps because the cooler fan would "fight" the case rear side exhaust due to the opposing airflow directions, (rear fan draws in-out, cpu fan draws out-in in that setup, and facing each other they were trying to make a vacuum :laughing:)


either way, i had this odd idea to unscrew the fan and invert it so it would keep the airflow inside out, blowing the hot air right into the case rear exhaust fan wich would do its job by leading the warm air outside, all in all, the surprise was that, instead of having the cpu fan pushing the air through the heatsink, cooling it, this setup would draw the warm air from the heatsink, wich in the end, made the temperatures go even lower than those with the default mounting.


either way, I'm just happy i had sorted this out w/o messing with my dominators heatsinks and warranty! this thread can be closed, and in case you have a X6 and dominators, and, did this amateur move as I did, thats the way to go...

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