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Hey guys,


Was hoping to get an update on how Corsair support works? I submitted an RMA request for my Force 3 SSD after being prompted to deal with Corsair directly by scan.co.uk. (The retailer I bought SSD from)


I received an automated e-mail on the 30th May "We have received your request; your ticket # is 6027932. A Customer Service representative will respond within 8 business hours."


It is now the 4th of June, and have yet to receive any update, despite adding notes to my request.


Is this normal with Corsair? Would love to get a status update, as currently running my OS from an old, dodgy OCZ SSD and really need to get this RMA rolling!


Thanks in advance.


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Our customer service has been working with you in this case Since Yesterday.


Thanks for the response. To clarify, the first response I received was about an hour after creating this thread.


Should be sorted now, so thank you.

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