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600T Special Edition - no sound front panel


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Corsair, you guys are breaking my heart. Please help me out:

No sound from the front panel for my headphones.


Headphones confirm work, speakers plugged into the MB's audio works.


So sound does work from the MB, and my headphones work.


Most front panel applications from the 600T Special Edition White work:

4 USB connections, and the fan controller... not sure about 3.0 USB got nothing to check.

Microphone - didnt check.. but plugged my headphones in and got a gnarly scream from it for a second. Yes, headphones still work.


headphone port: I plug it in and I can barely hear a scratching type sound like its drawing power.. but thats about it. Zero sound while playing a mp3 to test.


Windows Ultimate 64 bit.


Hope I dont have to get a new front panel RMA... if I do.. does it come with instructions on install? How difficult?


Thanks in advance.

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too long didn't read:


Headphone jack on the front panel doesn't work.

I hear faint sound like its receiving power but no music from testing mp3.

All other applications (usb, fan controller) work with no issue.

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Make sure the front panel ports are assigned as the default playback device then try again.


I will check my bios again when I get home. But I dont think there is a setting for changing this there.

Windows 7 Ultimate ( if that helps, explain to me what I need to do.)


Thanks for posting, Toasted!!


Just had to mention this also, regarding my front panel:


I just noticed that I have 4 wires that I assume connect up to the fan controller, but my 600T only has 3 fans installed... I assume I could control the CPU's fan via this or some other fan install.. but for now I am not.. so that wire is not in use.


The molex connector is plugged in and fan controller works.

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The setting is not in the BIOS.


Disconnect any speakers from the rear audio ports and plug the headphones in the front panel port.


Open Playback devices (Right-click the speaker icon (notifications tray)>Playback devices and see if it can see if the headphones connected. If they are, right click them and click "Set as Default Device" If not, open your audio driver config panel e.g. (Realtek Audio Manager) and see if you can adjust it there.

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I got a bigqger problem now - I plugged a microphone into the front panel and almost instantly my computer died.


I try reboot from front panel power and nothing happened. I open up the case my computer has a power/ reset on th xfx780i mb... Nothing!


But 1 blue led on the board so I think I now blew a capacitor on the PSU . No plastic smell and I checked for any blown resets none found so I am not sure. Hope I didn't kill everything. Any advice on this? :confused:

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Im going to get another PSU, since this one is so old (2008) and I dont have a multimeter to test fully.


But, I did a paperclip test and on one side a fan fired up, but on the other side that fan didnt move.


Athena PSU, Reference to PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817338013


I am worried that this problem will occur again with a new PSU... what do I do to prevent?


Is there a safe way I can test this front panel?


I believe that the wires underneath the front panel are incorrect on that side.

The HD Audio connection is a no brainer on how that connects to the MB, the other wires were triple checked... but I cant see whats going on under the front panel. Or how can I?


I see 6 white clips for the front plate but man do they look flimsy and might snap off.


Thanks for your help!

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