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New K70 keyboards


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So, Computex 2013 has officially started; lots of amazing devices and hardware coming out soon. Among them is the much requested, drum roll please ...


Corsair K70 with MX Blue and Brown switches!

Also going to be available in Gunmetal finish with blue back lighting.

Tenkeyless version of the above (I think it's based on the K70) with MX Reds.


Personally, having wanted the K95 originally (despite the lack of blue lighting), I'm sold on the new K70 options. I can live without the macro keys if the above features (blue lighting and keyswitch options) don't trickle its way into the K95. Macro key functionality doesn't exist on Linux yet, and that'll be my primary OS very soon. Though considering how awesome Corsair is in listening to customers, I would be delighted (and only a tad bit surprised) if Linux support becomes available natively.


Well done, Corsair. You've earned my loyalty.

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