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I just bought/assembled my first PC (gaming/student) rig and went Corsair with everything I could after much research......

Case - 350D

Power - HX750

Memory - Dominator Platinum 16gb

Cooling - H100i, 4 SP120 fans, 2 AF 140 fans, 1 AF120 fan

SSD - Neutron GTX 240gb

Headset - Vengeance 1500

Mouse - M95

Keyboard - K95

Mousepad - MM600


All my previous computers were gifts/assembled by friends, so this being my first build completely purchased/assembled by myself brought some nervousness about the process. To my surprise, the process was fast and easy.


The reason for this post is to express how delighted and satisfied with everything Corsair has supplied. Superb products, easy to assemble (even for first timer), great support forums (browsed them routinely before making purchases to learn more about what I was getting), software is convenient and worked flawlessly.


Corsair, thanks for supplying exceptional products and great support; couldn't be more please with the results of my first PC build.



A Satisfied Customer.

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Great post and thank you for taking the time to post this. Its nice to see when we do it right. Most only post with problems. And I know the vast majority done have problems but some do and we do our best to work them out!
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