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New AX860 Coil Whine under load - have logged ticket to get it replaced


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I bought the AX860 over a month ago and put my system together using it this weekend.


When sitting idle the PSU is almost silent - it' set to hybrid mode and has just the usual electrical noise you can hear (if you were a mouse on the floor and were 3 inches from the back of the case :)). This is regardless of whether cpu is running at full speed (sleep states turned off) or running under low power. So that's a relief as I was worried about coil whine when idling or even with the system turned off.


Unfortunately if I run prime95 or anything stressful, then the psu starts chirping. It goes and comes depending on load and is audible over any case fan. It sounds like coil wine to me. Exactly like the link below. If it wasn't so high pitched I could live with it.




I have looked at the Corsair tech support site and turned off C1E, C3 and C6 sleep states. No impact. As I am awaiting on my GPU, I am running integrated video from the 3700K, so the issue is not caused by a discrete GPU. And and I have turned off the case fans and put the cpu fans down to 300rpm. Noise is definitely from the PSU. I have tried different sockets around the house, different power adaptors, and even used a mains conditioner and a ground loop isolator to no effect. I also tried it in my brother-inlaws system. He runs a Rampage IV Extreme. I'm running a Sabertooth Z77. Both exactly the same with regards to coil whine. Finally I borrowed my friends Coolermaster 1300w hybrid and no coil whine on that.


I'm past the DSR period to return this to OCUK, so I guess my only option is warranty. I just logged a ticket on the Corsair support site (#6031496). As I don't want to be without a system, I am hoping Corsair can send me a PSU directly and I can return the faulty one. Unfortunately the express replacement option was not available to select.


Can you please advise.



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