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Peltier Cooling + Fluorinert submerssion?


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That's the short and skinny of it. Here's the long and veiny. :laughing:


I would like to make a water-tight rig and submerge my system in fluorinert with the addition of a Peltier cooler on the CPU. The raisin I want to do this is because I am aware that with Peltiar coolers there is a high risk of condensation with the freezing temperatures. The strong current/flow of full fluorinert submersion would rectify that in theory.


Do you think the Peltier would still function under this non-conductive fluid?

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how do you plan to cool the hot side of the pelt?


Good question. With circulation from some fans taking the heat away, I'd think. Then again, the whole setup would probably just balance out from the heat on the other side and it'd be like having nothing on it at all. Bummer. There's gotta be a way!


The real question I am trying to attack is whether or not the Peltier will even work the way it was intended when it is submersed in the first place. The excess heat from the other side really isn't my concern yet. With the lack of air, would the Peltier be bricked and useless even if the liquid is non-conductive? From what I see on most Pelts is a slab that's covered up and the space between the plates are usually covered up.

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im just giving you and informed answer

the peletier will easily evaporate your flourinert


you will need something called Tetrafluoroethane, it is easily available

draw it out of the can, find a way to surround the unit with this chemical, insulate it with polystyrene due to temperature differences between the flourinert and the hot side peletier


the rest im sure you can find with some googling for exact details


good luck

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