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Survivor 32GB USB connector 'wiggles'

Alien Mole

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I may have a problem with my Survivor 32GB flash drive (3.0, if that matters) that I've had for a year or two in that the USB connector has a fair bit of 'wiggle' on it (approx. 1mm in all directions), as if the internal PCB was a bit loose or had misaligned with the case or enclosure (the physical flash drive, not the protective tube).


It also has occasional connection problems when plugged in. In those cases, giving it a very slight nudge up or down tends to fix them. Because of that, I'm assuming - but I'm not sure - that there's a correlation.


I wanted to verify if it's normal for the USB connector to wiggle, and if there's anything .


I don't remember it doing that at first, but I might be mistaken. If it were a generic, cheap flash drive I'd chalk this up to wear but if I'm not mistaken a good portion of the price premium on the Survivor is it, well, surviving. I've read accounts of these things getting away from being run over by a tank with only a few scratches.


I certainly haven't abused it that badly - or at all, as far as I'm aware. The protective tube's got a fair bit of notches from spending a lot of time in my trouser pocket with my keys, and there's the odd scratch it on the drive itself, but nothing major.

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There are two screws under the sticker on the memory stick. You have to peel up the sticker on the side opposite the blue LED and with a jewelers phillips screw driver tighten the screws. I made the mistake of cutting off the sticker over the screws and they have both bailed out of the drive. Oops.
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