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SP120 PWM control does not work properly

MdX MaxX

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So I recently bought two SP120 PWM Quiet fans, and they don't work properly when controlled by PWM.


I have the fans connected to my CPU cooler. When I change the fan speed in my CPU cooler's software, the fans do respond, but they won't spin at anywhere near their max RPM, even if I set them to max RPM in the software. Also, the fan speed is always reported as 0 RPM in the software.


I tried connecting the fans to my motherboard's CPU FAN header as well. The same thing happens when PWM is enabled. If I disable PWM, however, the fans do proceed to spin up to full RPM (or at least what looks like full RPM).


So what gives? Is PWM control on these fans simply broken? Or are they designed to only work properly with Corsair Link products? I had seen similar feedback on these fans elsewhere but decided to give the fans a try anyway.


I mean, I can just connect the fans straight to 12V and force them to max speed, but I'm disappointed that I paid extra for PWM fans and don't get to control them with PWM.

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Hi there.

I have been waiting for reply to this post for some time now since I recently purchased pair of these fans as well to discover their speed cannot be adjusted via motherboard fan header.

Instead in line resistor can be used to create voltage drop or dedicated fan controller can be used for variable speeds.


Yet another option is to use two spare fan outlets on Corsair H80i/H100i if just like me you own one and you are happy to pay for cable kit. I've changed my mind when I saw how much postage can cost if ordering from outside US. Spare connection cable should have included with H80i/H100i anyway!

This is very disappointing :(

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