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760i fan rpm maxed out.


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Hello All!


Today i bought an AX760i psu. I run win8 Pro 64 bits. The newest non beta Link 2 tool was installed. As i fire the PC up for the first time, there are no pre-saved profiles at all on Link2 and the fan is running 100% all the time. If i try to save a new profile and set the fan to 42% it says at full rpm. How can i turn this down?


Addition: On the Link dongle the LED is flashing from green to red all the time. Any suggestions?


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I reinstalled (clean) the Link2, but there are still no profiles....i disconnected the dongle from the psu, but the fan goes still @ max rpm...should i return this to the shop?? Pls help!


Re-checked / connected / installed all again. Without link the psu still not throttles back as it should. I think it's broken... :( On link it's still not possible to manipulte the FAN at all. No fan profiles...

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