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Corsair vengeance 2000 computer very slow on boot


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just bought my new headset corsair vengenace 2000, and realy like it, its fit my head and my ears perfectly,, but i have a strange problem.


When I have my wireless Dongle plugged in usb, my computer boots up REALLY slow, it takes around 3-4 more minutes to boot. All I have to do is unplug the USB dongle and it boots normally in about 10-15 seconds ( I have an SSD).


its seems not to be a driver problem because the problem is there even before windows starts loading.

the dongle is not working at all if i plug it on my addon usb 3.0 card.


my specs

ASUS P6T SE with newest bios 0908,

intel i7 980x

6 gb ram cant remember name

gfx 580 gtx

750w corsair PSU


Any ideas? i hope not i have to make a RMA, mobo problem or headset problem??

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so what can i do now? can i make a RMA or at any possible to refund my money

i prefer ofc a fix for this, firmware from corsar to the dongle or bios update from asus


i couldnt know that headset dongle have a compatibelproblem with exatly my type of motherboards ASUS P6T

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Toasted, I don't have that problem and I'm still on an Asus P6T Deluxe.


Having said that, I'm on an SSD and my boot takes longer than 15 sec, but I'd have to check my BIOS to see what is turned on or off in terms of fast boot, etc.

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Looks like i shouldn't have said all the P6T series, opps.


Heres another 3 P6T owners.



If the dongle is plugged in any port at the back of the motherboard with/without the extension provided it freezes until its unplugged. but the interesting thing is it seems to boot slowly after approx. 15 secs after when plugged into a front panel USB 2.0 port.


I haven't tried getting a replacement dongle though i think its a BIOS thing.

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