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Two Brand New PSUs in a Row DOA? (AX850, AX860i)


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I purchased an AX850 from NewEgg. Long story short, it turned on then off. After that I tried to run some procedure to test if the PSU was DOA. I jumped it and plugged a case fan in, in which it had the same behavior of powering on then off instantly. After finding that out I plugged my old TX 750 back in my system and smelled something burning. Didn't think it was good but didn't think much of it till I realized one of the PCI-E slots was no longer recognzing any devices..


I'm not holding Corsair accountable. From here on out I'm never plugging in a PSU even if it's brand new... I will always test it first.


I spoke with Corsair customer service and they were wonderful. Provided me with prompt answers and solutions. They suggested a Express RMA which would get me a replacement as soon as possible. I was able to get a replacement in 2 business days. This time it was an AX860i, because they were out of stock of the AX850s.


So I'm testing this device and the first thing I notice is something fishy... in fact I've recorded the whole ordeal and uploaded it as an unlisted youtube video. I am very disappointed that I've received TWO DOA PSUs in a ROW!!!! These are high end GOLD and PLATINUM certified devicess.


Now I'm going to have to wait over the weekend and contact corsair again on monday... I am starting to lose faith in your products.

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