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RAID 0 Set-Up Question

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RAID 0 w/ 2X Force GS 240. At install I just let Win 8 auto select Intel C600 SATA Controller Driver. Works fine but Benchmarks using ATTO and AS are slightly below what others are getting. Not displeased but just wondering...


Should I have selected the Marvell SATA Drivers instead?


First Post newbie here. Hello and thanks in advance.

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try screenshot (Print Key) and paste (CTRL+V) in MS-paint. :roll:


Theres the post option to "insert images", USE that!


try the disk seperately with BIOS-Mode Setting AHCI not RAID, or regarding speed refer to the raid-vendor.


BTW: you reach +800MB/s seq read and +500MB/s seq write. do you have any source/target to copy from/to that fast? what are others getting? what exactly is wrong? if others jump from a bridge, do you jump too?


I see no problem. When I review speed benches (even ASSSD) of your disk single and simply do the double-multiplier-math seems everything is quite at it's max.


Still a disk doing 300 points at all does 95% of the same thing comparing to a HDD :D:

Benchscores are naked transfer-rates are mostly irrelevant.

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Well, as you can see by yourself your raid0 exceeeding 1GB/s read and write of compressible data.


Anyhow your CrystalDisk/ATTO-results are very good too, to what i think is quite exactly double the speed of a single drive, so there's exactly nothing to complain in my opinion.


But if you still complain about speed, comparing to other raid0-users, you should compare their setup (which sata-controller in detail) and which and how many drives they got in raid. Still Corsair can not help you on achieving max possible speed with your RAID-setuped SATA-Controller, because officially the ATTO speeds that are advertised are achieved under BIOS-Sata-Mode AHCI.


So if you are not satisfied, to what i think there is no reason to be, please ask "the others" or Intel.


IMHO your drives both operate at very good speed and your raid0-setup on your Intel-Controller gives more speed than the SATA3-Bus can deliver by specification (600MB/s), so you should be very fine with it.


Only the transfer-rates for ultra-small filesizes (0.5 - 4.0) are a little bit slower compared to single-drives, what i think is a natural effect of raid0, well but however these barely have any impact on your real-life speeds.


Have a nice day.

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