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Since the ticket description is resumed, here is exactly what happened:


I have a Corsair Force GT 60Gb (May/2012) and I used it daily since I bought it. I always used it on my notebook (SATAIII) and always got low writing speeds, about 80Mb/s, while the reads were 300+, but it never bothered me. This month I bought my new gaming computer, and used the SSD only to boot the windows. I Did a clean install of the Windows 7 Ultimate x64, with AHCI and Fast boot enabled on Bios, and everything was working. Wednesday I was timing how long the boot was taking and, for my surprise, I was getting 50-55 seconds, while my Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm (running on the other computer) does 47 seconds...


I googled for similar performance issues and I have been told to update the firmware from 1.3.3 to 5.05 using corsair's flash tool. I downloaded the correct Firmware like the tutorial (made by corsair), and flashed it. Restarted the computer and the boot time was amazing, about 25s to the desktop. So I used the Atto benchmark applicantion to measure the speeds and the writing speeds were 493Mb/s and Read were 532Mb/s. Everything was pretty fast and responsive. So I started playing some games ( Heroes of newerth, Dota 2 and Battlefield 3 ) for about 3 hours and then went to bed. Woke up today, and used the computer without issues for about 6 Hours, when I checked Sony Xperia site and got notified that there was a new software for my smartphone. So I downloaded the Sony PC Companion Tool and started doing the backup of my phone files in to the SSD. When it was about 87% everything froze(not responding): Google Chrome, Windows, Sony PC Companion and WMP, but the pointer was still moving.


I reseted the computer and the BIOS was no longer detecting the SSD... So I googled again for similar problems and discovered that this kind of problem isn't rare (Happens with all SSDs: OCZ's, Intel's, Samsung's... ). I tried uppluging the SSD for 15 hours and letting it "rest" and then I did a CMOS reset, with no results: still dead.


I tried to plug the SSD in to my Notebook again, my Netbook (Sata II) and even my father's computer, but none of them detected the SSD, so I have no ideia of what to do.


Please help me, I don't have money to buy another SSD... I just spent everything on the computer itself, and my current HDD is full, there is not enought space to backup it, and I can't install windows on it. I was planning to buy ( at the end of the year ) a H100i and do some overclocks, but now...


The Windows and all the drivers were up to date. I don't know if makes any difference, but here are my computer specs:


AMD FX-8350 Stock

Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z

NZXT Hale90 1000W 80+ Gold Certified

2x4Gb G.Skill Ares 2133Mhz

NZXT Phantom 410

XFX AMD Radeon 7970 Stock

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