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Installing an AX750


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I am a rookie and building a computer for the first time. I bought the AX750 because they said it was the best. When I opened it, I was not ready for all of the different cables. I don't know what goes where.


I have a hard drive, an optic drive, a SSD and a graphics card.


Question: What do I need to plug into the power supply?



I realize I am at square 1 but I enjoy working through problems lol. Please help.

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Ok, so you need to connect:

Motherboard: 20/24 pin power (depending on your motherboard, biggest cable in box)


Motherboard 4/8 pin if needed: (marked as CPU cable on the zide of black connector)


SATA power to optical, HDD en SSD (thin connectors grouped in 4)


GPU dependeing on the card this could be a variaty of cables. Ussualy some 6/8pin PCI-e power connectors


and that should be about it, these are ONLY the cables of your psu you have to use, DATA, fan, .... cables not included

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