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H80i's red light died


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So just like, a month ago I discovered H80i can change its LED colour light. And since my build was themed red and white, I set its light to red. It was working fine until I noticed today it isn't lighting up at all. I tried changing the colours in LINK, other colours work, but no colour that is close to red. Does it mean the red LED the cooler died? Or do I need a firmware update?


I'm having a bad feeling I'd have to send it to Corsair to get it fixed. That's going to take forever, but I guess I'm willing to do that; rather have it all working + waiting than the red light not working + not waiting.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

Apologies in advanced if this question was asked previously, I looked in the search and I couldn't find anything that was similar to my situation.


Thank you!

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Hello Sore_eyelids, Try updating the to the latest FM 1.0.7 first. If that doesnt fix the issue, this item will need to be RMAed


How do I update the firmware? I can do that from corsair link but it asks me for the actual file. Where can I get that from?

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