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New build with CMXGX3M2A1600C9


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I built my system (the one in my profile) less than 3 days ago. All parts internal parts, aside from the PSU, are brand spanking new - they even had that lovely "clean room" smell about them. It was glorious.


However, from day one, my computer has been getting random crashes and resets w/BSoD. Off the top of my head, the error messages on the blue screen range from "MEMORY_MANAGER" to "IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". Having talked with my mate, who knows just about everything there is to know about basic trouble shooting (you might know him - his name is "Google" :) ), the issue seems to point back to my two sticks of Corsair ram, which made me quite sad as I have nothing to replace it with (given that my old parts have already been dispersed through the family - derned vultures! ).


So, I get's this smart idea to run a memtest overnight - since I thought it may give me a conclusive answer (though I understand it's not always the case - I had nothing to lose, though). After 7 passes (ending this morning, not more than 30 minutes ago), it would appear that memtest says there are some dodgy goings on with this 'ere ram. Quite a few registered flagged as not being quite right.


Right now, I'm a little miffed, to be honest - because, well, I want my super duper PC running - 'cause let's face it, there's only one kind of PC that really sucks and that's your own PC when it's poorly. I'm hoping that someone either comes up with a solution or tells me where to send these 'ere ram sticks for replacement. The BIOS is all set to automatic at the moment - I've spent the last few days slowly isolating different parts of the computer in order to arrive at this conclusion.


Oh, and please excuse my english - I am, after all, only English;)

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Test each stick individually to see if you can isolate a bad stick. This will give you a good indication of whats really going on. If one stick fails , then chances are you have found the problem.


If they both pass or both fail, then that could suggest other issues and we can go from there . I say this because the chances of BOTH sticks being bad is pretty slim. And if they both pass on their own then it could be as simple as a BIOS setting.


With those AMD systems you may need to set the memory voltage to 1.6-.165v for them to be stable.

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Shortly after posting this, I restarted memtest so I could cap the screen (because I'm helpful like that and I want to resolve this). I thought I'd add it to the chain so it can be seen (I note that Peanutz responded - I will try your suggestion:) ).


Edit 1: Added a second screen cap with just one stick of ram - I'll test the other over night tonight and add that tomorrow.


Edit 2: Running the ram on 1.6v makes the system way too unstable. 1.5v is more stable but it's still unreliable. Since there's been no official word from Corsair on this matter, I'll RMA the ram from where I bought it and not bother with Corsair in future.



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