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Corsair K70 keys not smooth.


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Hello, I have just bought myself a Corsair K70 and am loving the experience except from a fault which is making the typing experience very bad and I am sure that it is not meant to happen.


I have noticed that a few keys, 'i' and 'p' for example, aren't smooth when I push them down. It feels like there is something that is obstructing the key when it is pushed, especially on the top right hand side.

I have already removed the key caps and have changed them around with smoother keys and have come to the conclusion that it isn't a problem with the keys themselves, but with either the board they sit on or the key switches.


I know this isn't something that should be happening with this keyboard and I'm wondering if there is anyone else who is experiencing, or have experienced, this problem and how can I fix it?


Thank-you very much.

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Looks like your case was approved already so contact our customer service and you can request from them a shipping label. They may ask for your invoice so please have that ready.
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