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H100i fails to keep the cpu on temperature


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Well some information to start with.


My pc spec's are in my profile.

My i2500k is OC'ed to 4,5Ghz @1,23V. Temperatures @ full load never exceeded 62C, using prime/linx. While gaming it was more like 50/55.


This is my 2nd h100i. The first one worked fine for about 2/3weeks. Then the fans of the h100i started to spin up much faster then usual. Even @ very low cpu loads, the temperature would rise very quickly. After a while the h100i pump started to make a strange noise (like an old engine running stationary). Running prime/linx showed me temperatures of 80/90C in a few seconds. Pump sensor told me it was working and fans were @ full speed. I returned this unit to the shop i bought it from.


They gave me a new unit. The temps were fine, full load prime/linx around 60C. But now, after a month or two, the h100i again started to make more noise than usual (fan speed). I checked the temps and again they were much higher than usual. However no strange noises from the pump itself this time. But the temps @ full --> 80C ( in just 15/30 seconds). But also @ lower loads the fans kick in very fast combined with temperatures that i normally get while gaming etc.

The h100i isn't functioning like it did out of the box for like a month or two.


I checked for dust, it was clean.


Pump speed/fan speed are okay, but it seems they can't do the job.


Checked if the h100i was still tightened on the cpu, it was.



I find it very strange, it's quite a normal overclock with low a vcore. I have seen worse Oc's with this h100i.


I can only think of a remount with new thermal paste. Or again a new unit... Any thoughts?




I did an remount, didn't help...

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Hello HammerNL, I would first try it with another thermal compound to see if the temps will decrease. Are the fans running at full speed? 4.5ghz is considered to be heavy OC for your cpu. I would try to bring down the speed and see what the temp will idle at and under load.
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I remounted the block 3 times now. Used artic silver and Noctua nt-h1. And yes i know it's important not to use too much paste.


Fans are running @ full speed.


I already downclocked my cpu to it's defaults values, offcourse the temperatures are lower with this setting, but imo they are still way to high for a watercooler cooling a cpu @ stock settings. For example idle 37/40C full load --> 65C My stock intel cooler would keep it on the same level...


And thereby why could the h100i give me very nice temperatures for 2 months (idle 28/31C full load 60/62 @4.5ghz), and without changing or touching something, it just fails. I also thought about ambient temperature, but i can assure you this hasn't changed. I live in the Netherlands, and they are only talking about the coldest spring in 40 years etc etc.

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Yeah I already did, just received a mail that they accepted the rma. But once again i have to pay for shipping. I hope they can make an exception, two h100i that fail within 3/4 months. I don't want to invest anymore time, money and effort into this product...


On the RMA label I saw I have to ship the product to a place in the Netherlands, is this also where the product will be repaired/send new one back to customer? Place called Corsair Memory B.V in Almere.


If so, that would be the only asset to this situation, because the rma duration will be (i hope) shorter. (I live in the Netherlands)

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