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Ticket #6016620 & #6022762

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I bought a obsidian case 650d. After few weeks of happiness fan controller started freaking out.

I first requested a rma on 12 may and if I am right it was transferend into ask a question. I wrote there a description for my fan controller issue and was waiting for somy reply. After 10 days I thought maybe if it's a ask a question they won't notice it or something so I make another request for the same thing this time selecting "The product has damaged or missing parts.". It was on 22 may and no reply as well.

Is there any chance to get a new controller because watching that fans rotate alternately slower and faster make me a little worried.


And one more thing for you for futher. That usb bay in front should be a bit wider because now you can't plug a sd card reader in it or wider pendrive. Everything else awesome :)

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After Your fast answer i received "Corsair Accessory Product request approved" mail. As You asked i was waiting for next mail/refresh in ticket details with tracking info but still nothing. Could You check if it was already shipped?


Thank You.

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Post Your chairman e-mail and we will spam him :biggrin:

I just mounted new controller - all good. This is how the old one look inside:







I also notice that both the old one and the new one is getting warm in touch after few minutes. Hope that will help you improve it in future.


Thx and bye :)

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Almost two months of happiness passed and new controller is broken... Fans not even budge.








For now I have my fans connected to motherboard but its a bit loud.

I didn't make any new ticket for it yet.

Is this common issue with them? I would rather not to ask for new one every 1-2 months...

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