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Corsair 500R Side Panel Fan


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I recently bought the 500r through newegg, when I received it the the 200mm side panel fan connector was damaged. 2 of the 3 wires going into the connector are loose and disconnected. I opened up a ticket last Sat 5/25 but have yet to get a response. I'd love to get the fan replaced without having to send the whole case back to newegg. My ticket # is 6025220.
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I received this email yesterday 5/30 @ 5:26pm


Thank you for contacting Corsair. Your ticket # is 6025220


We have processed your Accessory Product replacement request. You will receive a shipping confirmation email shortly.


Please do not reply to this email. If you have any further questions or concerns, please update your ticket by logging in to http://corsair.secure.force.com, click Tickets, click the Ticket number referenced in this email, and click Add Comment.



Thank you for choosing Corsair.




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It states I will receive a shipping confirmation shortly. Do I need to take any further action or just wait for shipping confirmation? Do I need to ship the current fan back before the new one is shipped? Thanks.

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It's now been over a week since I received the email stating I would receive a shipping confirmation shortly and have yet to receive a confirmation or any other communication from corsair. Is that normal? What is the normal waiting period for something like this? Sorry if I seem impatient, don't have much experience with RMA's and just want to make sure everything is going through as normal. Thanks.
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