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New Graphite 600T White Edition build

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Hi everyone, new to the forum and wanted to share my latest build. This is my first use of a Corsair case and it took me over a month to choose it, since my Gigabyte MB, memory sticks, CPU heatsink/fan and most components were black I wanted a totally white unit, inside and out (to make the components stand out), a door with latches (I can't stand panels with thumbscrews, such an old design doesn't belong in new cases), side window and cable management capabilities. Needless to say such a case doesn't exist but the Graphite 600T white edition came the closest to satisfy that list so I went ahead and bit the bullet. The only item it didn't meet was a white interior but the case is so exciting with its white paint and black accents that, after building the PC, I'm very happy with the results, I think it even looks better this way than with a white interior. I had previously built the system in my older "earth green" Chieftec Dragon mid-tower case and it looked pretty good but that case doesn't offer cable management options, this build definitely looks a lot better.


The Chieftec case had 4 80mm fans and kept the system cool but was a bit noisy, especially since I keep it next to the monitor and very close to my ears. This Corsair case, with its 200mm fans is much quieter and less distracting, especially when overclocking the system to its limits. It also keeps the system running a few degrees cooler than the Chieftec.


I also installed some remote controlled LED's with multiple colors and effects and its really fun to watch, that's why I keep it on top of the desk so I can admire it!:D:




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I replaced all the PSU wiring to white cables with black connectors and refinished the cable management aspect of the case, much better looking now! Tried a clear acrylic side panel but didn't like it so still looking for another option, may make one myself later on. I also added an NZXT Sentry II fan controller, makes the front come alive!:biggrin:




http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/nestorpr/DSC02351_zps98b5a560.jpg' alt='DSC02351_zps98b5a560.jpg'>






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