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Corsair link commander not showing in Corsairlink anymore


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I have a corsair cooling and lighting kit

My Corsair link commander stopped working.

After update the corsairlink software from 2.2.0 to 2.4.4948-Beta

Even switched back to 2.2.0

But Corsair link can't show the commander any more

And try to flash the firmware of the commander.

But could not because it doesn't show.

Re start the pc try'ed more usb headers

Only some time's shows green light end then nothing on the commander.

What to do?


its worked before see pic.



The system


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  • Corsair Employees
Please go to Programs and Features and uninstall Corsair Link software and the Corsair USB Driver once you close Corsair Link then restart the system and install Corsair Link V 2.1.1 and try and flash the firmware to F/W 2.06. If it is not detected in this version please request an RMA and we can replace it
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Thanks RAM GUY.


I installed Corsair Link V 2.1.1

Try'ed to flash commander to 2.06.

But the bootloader say's "status: Corsair commander failed to reset.

And then stops working.

I going to request an RMA.

Thanks for the confirmation ;)

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Thank you Toasted.


checked already Device Manager couple of time's nothing shows or errors.

Also checked the the usb drivers and headers with other devices.

No problem there.

The commander only gets power but dose not show in device manager or other way.

Already request RMA.

Ticked is made and waiting for response from customer service.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Goth my replacement.


Problems are solved.

A little note.


for MSI Z77 Mpower users.

They have to reinstall

Intel USB3.0 Driver from MSI download page.


En then the procedure like described to flash the commander



using now link software Version 2.3.4816


Thanks for the help every one.

Now again a happy user of the Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit

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