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Old H60 won't fit Sabertooth Z77


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I've just been upgrading my system and went to install my existing H60 to the new Sabertooth Z77.

The problem is the rear mounting bracket won't fit over the CPU holder (metal thing the CPU goes into).


Do I need to buy a new cooler or does Corsair sell replacement holding bracket??


Any advice would be very welcome before I catapult and buy a new cooler.

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Excuse the delay in responding, but as I work from the computer I have to schedule down time lol.


I've just got the comp back up and running and I have to say that I am probably the biggest idiot ever. The bracket fits perfectly. I just honestly didn't notice the cut outs to allow the CPU holder to fit.


Thanks for the advice. It has saved me around £100 as I was literally moments away from buying a new 100i

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