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TX 750 fan problems.


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I just bought a TX 750 to replace my CX 600 that failed after only two days. The fan does not spin or even try to spin when the computer starts up. The fan twiddles back and forth when I run benchmarks. It also makes the grinding sound (sometimes). I was able to get the fan to spin after 5 minutes of benchmarks, upon shutting them down the fan stopped, I attempted to open the benchmarks again and I got the grinding sound and the fan tried to turn back on again, but twiddled back and forth. I'm assuming it's defective, anything I can do before sending it back?


Benchmarks I ran were MSI Kombustor and Prime 95. I also had case fans at 100%, gpu near 100%, HDD copying files, and was burning a CD. I really was trying hard to get the fan to start.


(usually only grinds when it moves back and forth) Noise sounds like this


During testing, the computer turned off by itself twice then restarted, overheating was not an issue with my other hardware as I was monitoring it.


I am easily able to replicate the fan grinding noise. Start computer, run benchmarks for a bit = fan on. Stop benchmarks for a couple seconds, turn them back on = grinding sound, fan moving back and forth, and sometimes a random restart ( Now three random restarts )

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