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Will I get screwed over on the RMA process regarding two defective products?

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If you check my system specs, you can see that I have both the HX1000 and a Force Series 3 SSD. Within the last 2 months, I have had my WD drive go bad and get replaced. Now my SDD is acting erratic by saying disk read error and periodically posting SMART errors at bootup. Now having two drives appear to go bad within 2 months seems fishy, I decided to test the voltage from my PSU using a voltmeter. 12 volt rail reports 12.04 (good) while my 5 volt rail reports 5.7 (Not so good) the SSD tech specs list a 5% variance tolerance. So my main question is(assuming both items appear eligible for RMAs), will I get dinged on the SSD because it might of been damaged by the faulty PSU? I also am experiencing issues with my pc to believe that the PSU is faulty (sleepmode hasnt worked for years, mouse and keyboard dk not always wake up when pc is powered on. Requiring me to unplug psu and power cycle it). My SSD was approved for an RMA, but I just didcovered that it may be the psu may of been the mastermind behibd my eroding sanity
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