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H100i Not cooling!


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I'm not sure what my options are here. I bought a H100i at Fry's just about a month ago. When I installed it everything was working great; I was very satisfied with the performance. I proceeded to give my processor a modest overclock (4.1 ghtz) and everything was rocking along nicely.


Last Friday I noticed that my temps were rather high when playing a game so I started monitoring the temps even closer. I dropped my bios back to defaults so no overclock and reset the water block several times. When stress testing at normal clocks in a room that was 70F in less than a minute the temps hit over 60 and I discontinued the stress test. The Link software shows the pump to be working but it simply is not cooling. Putting the fans to max speed had no effect at all.


I have since removed the H110i and reinstalled my Eco ALC with Noctua fans in push/pull and the temps are fantastic. With a Multi bump to 4.0ghtz my in game temps are easily 20C cooler than what the H100i was eventually giving me at stock clocks.


I am sure I can get a copy of the receipt from Fry's but what would be the best starting option for me at this point?

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Well, if you are with in Fry's return period i wouuld start there. But if they can't or won't help you then just use the link on the left to request an RMA. Let them know that your unit is less than a month old and they will cover shipping costs for you and you can request an advanced replacement if you need one.


but you will need to call CS for the advanced replacement for Credit card security reasons.

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