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GS700 - FAN starts -stops every minute


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Hello, I bought the GS 700 PSU. When I am in windows, fan is off but when I play games, FAN keep starting and stopping every one minute. Problem is, that it starts spinning at high speed, making loud noise (air turbulence noise). After 2 seconds, it starts to spin down, and after about 5-10 seconds it stops. This happens once a minute.

Probably there is no way how to turn off that annoying fanless technology.

By my question is, it is normal that it starts at high speed and then go down? I have quiet cpu and gpu fan, so this is really unpleasant.

(i3570k+gtx660 = about 200-250W -30% load -probably that is why the fanless technology keeps start/stop fan)

If i switch to another PSU, for example Corsair TX750 V2, it will also start running fan at high speed?

Thank in advance.

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Hello, I found a solution. I just rotated the psu (heard this somewhere on forum), so the fan is pointing up. Now fan is turned off most of the time, even when I play games.
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