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How to check warrenty status on a product

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I recently purchased a corsair1300 headset from newegg, and upon opening the box it seems like it was a returned item, but was being sold as new.

Well it also did not come with any of the documentation or warranty information in the box.


So since it was likely purchased and returned, how will that affect my warranty, since i bought the product from newegg under the pretenses it was a new product?


I would like to be able to get my full 2 year warranty.

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Well i was kind of hoping to get more of a response from a corsair rep on this.

As if im unable to get my warranty, id defiantly go sending newegg a nice message :)



The headphones work fine, and im sure what it was is that someone retarded bought them and didnt know you need a headphone amp (like most everyone who buys the 1300, and leaves bad reviews saying there is barely any sound lol)

so it was probably one of those headsets i got, which was likely only slightly used for a few days.


i mean i dont want to go through the trouble of paying like $10 to ship it back, and wait like another 2 weeks to get a new (possible a differently used one, which could have the possibility of being in worse condition then mine).


Since the headset is fine, id rather not waste money and time and risk getting a worse product just because what they sent me wasnt brand new. (i guess thats a risk you take when you buy things online, as you cant physically see if its used before you buy and its harder to return things).


But really many (if not all) retails do sell things that were used for a short time as new all the time, so you really cant blame newegg specifically for that.

I just think they need better people inspecting things, as no warranty information is a pretty big thing to not have (ESPECIALLY non corsair products in which require you to have that paperwork).

I just want to make sure im going to get my fully warranty, since the product i bought was labeled as "new" when i purchased it.

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Newegg is an authorized reseller so the warranty is in place no matter what, if you have a problem with them we can sure replace them but the 1300 Headsets do not come with anything in the package. You can use the link on the left and request an RMA then call our customer service and explain that you just got these and ask them to help you with the shipping.
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