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Please cancel my order

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I ordered through the corsair webshop so I could have it immediatly delivered from the USA, even ordered the US international layout version.


Now I see that it doesn't even get delivered before they are in stock locally, so whats the point of paying premium price + expensive shipping + taxes?


I payed 180+ dollar and they will probably be 130 euro at most from a dutch webshop and perhaps even sooner available as my order is still pending for 10 days.


I was(am) gonna try to desolder all the LEDs and replace them for blue and white ones, got all the equipment waiting atm :sunglasse


Thanks in advance, will the credit be restored on my creditcard? as I use a prepaid creditcard I hope all goes well.


(btw. ram-guy, good job handling the forum, never replyd before but you helped me with replacement fans for the h100i (wich are louder than standard btw) and some other questions, keep it going)

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