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Corsair HX750 fan issue.


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Hi, in advance sorry for my english. I bought a Corsair HX750 Pro, just installed I noticed that, when the system is in idle sometimes the fan starts at full speed for a few seconds and then goes off. I have read several threads and saw that it is a looks like a normal thing, but the fan is really noisy as the fan goes at full speed, and especially, the computer is in idle mode. Thanks for all the help.
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Hi hanzohasashi,


Sorry for this late comment. What might help you is to improve ventilation:

1) If you have something like a dustfilter at the intake, remove it, and see if the problem still occurs.

2) If your psu is bottom mounted, try to 'lift' the case so the psu can get more air.


This issue seems frequent with hx series psu. I'm having the same with my hx1050 (also found hx650, hx 760 and hx 850 with this problem). I started a thread to collect these 'hx series fan revving' problems:



If improving ventilation doesn't help, you could go for an rma. This fan behaviour is not normal in any way.

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