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Vengeance 2000 - No sound


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Hi everyone,


First sorry if my english is bad :p


i have a problem with my ~2months Vengeance 2000 :


I just reinstalled my computer with a fresh windows 8. Everything is fine , drivers and all i need for it work perfectly. Yesterday my headset was still working fine, but this evening , i want to use it , but nothing !!


The dongle light is blue blinking, i tried to reset te pairing, ( 10s on the dongle then blinking quickly ) but when i switch on my headset here is a strange thing.

I press the power button an keep pressed , the blue light is coming. I still press , the blue light disappear , then blinking every 3-5 sec , and nothing more.

I have the sensation my headset cant stay switched on.


By the way the pairing doesnt work and the dongle still blinking quickly until a few minutes then blinking slowly.


The headset is plugged on usb port , ( correctly powered ) and after these operations , the connector light is blinking amber for a few seconds ( charging i suppose ) then he turn on grenn solid light.


I installed the drivers with compatibility mode : No problem.

In windows playback devices , my vengeance 2000 appear correctly , in record too.


The headset has never fall on the ground !

Inside the left ear i can see its cracked too ( see its a common problem on this headset ).


Thanks for the help you will give to me. I opened a ticket number : 6025799


but i think it will be a RMA request...


kliklipse :)

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I have the Dongle 15 cm close the headset. i tried on the laptop of my girlfriend too , same problem.


The only thing i can say is : When i keep pressed the headset button , windows make a sound like the device is disconnected, when i release a few secon , a sound like a device is connected. Nothing more.


It seems the headset cant stay switched on. If i keep the power button pressed , the headset is blinking blue very slowly ( every 3-5s ) and if i release the button , the cycle of blinking finish then nothing.

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Don't do the pairing method for this one.


Disconnect the dongle then turn the headset on.

When it starts blinking let go of the power button. Does the headset still continue to blink?


If you have already tried that and it the headset did not stay on, contact your seller and ask if they can replace it for you. If not, request an RMA to replace it.

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i dit it too.


unplugged my dongle , trying to switch the headset on , but it doenst work anyway. I hace called the corsair support in fremont, asked for an express replacement. they just shipped a new one today. i will send my defective one then.

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