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AX850 Third Failed PSU Supply


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AX850 Third Failed PSU.


In July 2011 built a new system using an AX 850 PSU. That failed in December 2011 and was replaced by (to speed up the process) buying another AX850 from the supplier in January 2012 and them reimbursing me on return and checking for faults in the first PSU, which is what happened.


That AX850 failed in June 2012 and was sent for RMA with Corsair who supplied me with yet another new AX850. That AX850 was fitted to my system on the 21st June 2012 and has now failed on the 24th May 2013.


First PSU started to take a long time to power up the system before failing. Second PSU just failed with no prior symptoms. Third PSU started to take a long time to power up the system 2 days before completely failing.


First AX850 details


S/N: R1008B70570242 Rev: A1W

LOT: 10317019


Second AX850 details


S/N: R1110B91380994 Rev: A1W

LOT: 11437021

RMA Case # 4725501


Third AX850 details


S/N: 12097005001811390174 no Rev mark as far as I can see on box or PSU.

Lot: 12097005


All checked using the PSU functionality test as per Corsair’s recommendations using two fans and power cable that are known to be working.


One failure is understandable, two maybe bad luck, three not acceptable on a premium product that commands a price that reflects its marketing by Corsair.


After three failures I have totally lost all faith in the product and as they have not lasted for a reasonable expected amount of time I can only assume there is a design fault or a manufacturing fault with one of the components that is causing an inherent fault with these PSU units and making them not fit for purpose.


I would like a corsair representative to contact me to sort this problem once and for all. You should have my contact details from the above RMA Case # for the return of the second AX850.


I am not prepared to accept another AX850 PSU and I am not prepared to pay to RMA a product from England to the Netherlands when I have no faith in the product lasting for any length of time after replacement and then going through the whole process and cost again, it is not acceptable. I also have concerns that the constant failing of the PSU may cause damage to the rest of the components within my system.


This has already caused me a considerable amount of inconvenience in installing and removing the PSU and cables from my system numerous times and the loss of use of the system for nearly a month in total, not including this instance and over three bank holidays (just bad timing I know) whilst arranging and waiting for replacements, and I am not prepared to go on like this.


Corsair’s Customer Service was very good last time and will hopefully prove to be again because I am not a happy person at the moment. The name Corsair is on the product and is who I have to complain to but I know Seasonic are the manufacturers of the PSU units for you and they have let you down which leads to your product letting your customer down.


Previous thread for second AX850


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PlyCuda, your best bet is to call CS with your previous RMA number and discuss this with them. I'm sorry this is tech support and you really want CS and they do not monitor the forums.


You can use skype to make the call to the toll free number from anywhere in the world.

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Im waiting for my second power supplied too after the first failure of my ax 850, i hope it will be good this time.

I paid for the replacement (30 euros to send the power supplied) but i'm afraid with your comment :-(.

Because of the power supplied i change 2 motherboard (msi) because i thing it burn them but not sure.

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Thanks for the info peanutz24 about using skype to contact Corsair, trouble is I know what skype is but I am not familiar in using this form of communication so is there an email address for Customer Services.


If I remember correctly the last time I went through the RMA process the procedure was to post here and let Ram Guy (Corsair representative) see what the problem is before applying for RMA. Also If I remember correctly when I was filling out the RMA application it asked if the problem had been seen by Ram Guy on the Tech Forum.


I’m not going to get an answer today anyway because Corsair is closed today in observance of Memorial Day (USA holiday).


So I will wait to see what Ram Guy suggests.






I wish you luck with your new AX850 that you do not end up in the same situation as I am.



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To bring this thread to conclusion as I hate reading threads that are left hanging with no ending.


As you can see at the start of this thread I have not had much luck with my Corsair PSU’s and have had to use Corsair’s RMA procedure for two of the three units.


So after the disappointment and inconvenience comes the good news. I have nothing but praise for Corsair’s Customer Services and it’s RMA procedure on both occasions that I have had to use them. Once contact had been made the procedure was very rapidly implemented and the issue sorted very quickly on both occasions.


It’s when a problem arises that you find out how good a company is, and how they go about solving the issue. From my experience in this respect Corsair has been excellent and cannot be faulted.


I am very happy to have another Corsair PSU back in my system and extremely happy with Corsair’s Customer Service for the second time.


Thank you to all involved in sorting this issue so quickly.

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you know plycuda,you're one of the few that actually gives appreciation when help is given

i spend my personal time trying to help others and only would like a thank you in return,but it seems most of the time when a problem is solved,the user vanishes without so much as a goodbye much less a thanks.

most dont realize its a gift of personal time and with corsair its good customer service

thx for posting back.

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  • Corsair Employees
Yes I agree thank you for taking the time to let us know and thanks for the Kind words even with all the issues. But I look at return rates all the time and this model is lower than average so its a little surprising that you had three fail. However we look at all of the returns to see why they fail and make improvements based on what we find.
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