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Corsair HS1A sound problems/Wiring issues


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I was gifted an HS1A corsair gaming headset about 6 months ago and recently whenever I move or tilt my head with the headset on there would be sound loss and as of 10 minutes ago I have no more sound or mic operations.


A few hours ago I sent in a ticket with support and I understand it is a saturday night/ sunday morning so response wont happen until normal business hours, which is fine. I just wanted to make a post to hasten the help.


The problem happens when I would move my head or tilt it or look left or right, but now I have no sound at all, I touched the base wire connected to the headset and sometimes I would hear sound but very low and only on the right ear phone.


I understand wiring problems/issue is common for most products, not just with corsair but what are my options?


Could I send it in for repairs? because I wont/cant be able to purchase a new headset.


I am from Canada so I'm not sure about country protocols.


thank you to anyone reading this and I hope to get a response soon.


for more information please ask and I will try my best to provide it.



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thank you very much.


I just have some clarifying questions.


It says replacement, does that mean the wires are getting replaced or the headset.


is it being fixed or I am receiving another headset.


thank you.

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I updated the ticket with a comment.


the headset has been delivered to you guys (corsair) as of yesterday June 3rd 2013.


I have some questions, how long does it take to process and for a shipment back to me, what type of shipping would it be and would it have a tracking number?


thank you.

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