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No LED shows up in Link software


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I recently bought the H100i CPU cooler. I chose the H100i instead of H100 solely because I wanted to change the LED color to match my build in general.


I have installed it correctly, installed the Link software, updated the firmware.

In this image you can see my problem. I can't change the LED color because it simply doesn't show up!

(UPDATE: Sorry, the image has now been uploaded correctly!)


Have I done something wrong? All other stuff shows up except that LED icon.


I have ASUS AI Suite II installed as well, but I only use Fan Xpert, WiFi GO! and other WiFi related programs. No sensor active.


Thanks in advance!


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what software is currently installed?,can you post a pic of the device tab with devices expanded?

using 3rd party software can disrupt the link software,especially ai-suite which will NOT play well with link.

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