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Corsair M65 Software Bug?


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Hello to all the forum.


The mouse arrived yesterday and I must say that is a really nice mouse. Unfortunately, the software seems to have big problems with profiles.


I created two profiles:



Battlefield 3


Each profile has different DPI, of course. In the profile of windows I left everything base, because with the mouse wheel, for example, open in firefox internet pages in a new tab and other such things for other programs.


I assigned to button 3 - 6 - 7, respectively GZF and work. The problem lies on the fact that it does not change the DPI. To change them, you have to use ALT + TAB and manually select the profile of Battlefield 3. This, even when you close battlefield and want to use the profile of Windows :confused:.


Is there a solution :sigh!:? If I have to send it back and get a G500 or G9X.


Thank you and expect a timely response.


A hug.



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