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M90 stopped working


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I'm starting to get a bit annoyed now.

Every mouse I've bough have worked without a glitch, from Logitech to Microsoft.


Now for the second time in a month the mouse have just stopped working while I'm playing.

Last time the problem resolved it self, somehow. But now I have tried to reinstall driver (software) and firmware.

Didn't help. And now I've tried every single USB port and now the only light that turns on are those 6 tiny led on the left side of the mouse.

So It doesn't help to try to install firmware since it doesn't detect the mouse.


I haven't done anything different on my computer and so on. It just stopped working. So far Ive been happy with my M90 but now...



Tried it on my laptop. None of the lights goes on, and I haven't had it for more then a few month.

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