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M90 Corsair mouse (standing ovation)


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I had been debating my options for a new mouse for some time, I have a habit of weighing pros and cons, price, and analyzing to an extreme. I have always gone with Logitech Mice in the past, partly because of price but also because its so hard to find a decent wireless mouse. Upgraded my system with a new MOBO and it didnt like my M510 mouse from Logitech, glitchy bouncing pointer, making my games choppy and any FPS games, at some points unplayable.

I didnt suspect it was my mouse causing the microstuttering and lag like conditions, heck I spent two months testing my system, swapping parts, RMA's, but not once did I ever think it could be a mouse issue. And I wouldnt have noticed either if in between all this swapping of parts, using a spare SSD that had an OS on it, which my M510 wasnt being recognized, so I used my HTPC M305, and 0 stuttering and lag. FPS played for a while and no issues. So turned out it was the M510 mouse, So I went and purchased another one from Best Buy thinking defective mouse, its been a year. Plugged it in and same thing, emailed Logitech and they had no answers they were willing to cough up, reinstall driver software, etc, (looks like this is becoming a common issue with their mice) in the end, Logitech stopped responding to my emails back and forth, so i started looking online.

I really wanted a wireless mouse because I never really liked the cord, felt it got in the way too much and moved the mouse of blocked it slightly. So after nearly a month of deliberation I am cruising Amazon and see this mouse, looks great, has many buttons ... but its wired and didnt meet my minimum req. of 4 stars. So I didnt think much of it, even though it looked good. Later came across Best Buy ad where it is on sale, thinking to myself hey Ive got some Certs i can use and figured what the hey, give it a shot since i needed to quit procrastinating (I missed my CS GO and other FPS games like FC3).

Ordered it last week and finally delivered. Pulled it out of the box expecting it to be extra heavy like reviews said, Really was not much heavier than the M510 I had used for years. I was amazed at how well it was put together, its solid, good comfort grip, buttons are placed in good spots. Wire is braided and not super stiff. Just amazed at the quality and ease of use.

I am a very harsh critic and getting positive comments on things I purchase is not easy. All I can say is you guys made a GREAT product here with the mouse. The only draw backs for me personally would be I wish there was a wireless one, and the front buttons on the side I cant really reach without moving my hand up which isnt that bad, I dont use snipe a whole lot. The mouse wheel though, has this slight catch in certain parts, but really easy to over look.

Really only ever bought SSD and RAM from you guys before, but after this mouse Ive been looking at your other products thinking of picking some more up. *Shopping for new PSU and liquid cooling* :).

Bottom line is, you guys not only over delivered and impressed me, which is hard to do, but you have certainly earned an outstanding review and I will be making sure to mention this product in an upcoming editorial.

Game on,




After 2 days off use, I have begun to see the reasons for the low rating on websites and the grief posts on forums.

It is built very well, however the software is far too buggy.

I only have two profiles, but now the LED lights are telling me I am on profile 3 (there is no profile 3). It will randomly input the other profile button keys into the second profile, hardware or software mode.

Buttons have already ceased to work, games that I am using no longer recognize a key pressed, at first I figured maybe this was the game itself, but sometimes it will recognize when it was pressed and other times it did not. Now it doesnt recognize it at all. Checked this by attemping to key macros and other options to the 9 key for example and while on profile 2 I opened notepad to see if it would enact the macro and do other things keyed for; it will not do so. Although switching to profile 1 the button functions.


It is a mouse where a small selection of the buttons have worked reliably, and the rest of the buttons when they seem they want to work.

I can say now, I would give it a 3/5. Good build quality. Horrible software and performance in applications. I certainly hope that the other Corsair Products I ordered do not have their own buggy issues.

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Just to be clear,


The M90's profile L.E.D. is on lit on the third one (Bottom to top)?

Have you tried pressing the Profile Down key while the mouse is in hardware playback mode? Does it help?


randomly input other profile button keys as in Profile Up/Down, etc? or buttons from a different profile?


Some games block software playback. You'll need to assign a profile to an L.E.D., save it to the M90 then enable hardware playback. The macros you have assigned should now work in-game. You may have only assigned and saved Profile 1 on to the M90 which might be why the other profiles aren't working.


Post #3


Make sure you have profiles assigned to the L.E.D.


Also make sure you have 2 buttons assigned to Profile Up and Profile Down. With out those, you cannot switch profiles when the mouse is under hardware playback.

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Hey Toasted, thanks for the reply.

It is the 3rd LED from the bottom going up. (A system restart set it back down to 1 and 2, but every time about a minute into using the mouse it sets back to 3rd).

I have tried the Profile up and down keys in both software and hardware mode, with no change.


With both profiles assigned and saved, I have been unable to use these macros in either hard ware or software on games. What is puzzling is that button number 9 for example will sometimes recognize and sometimes not, if I am trying to direct key an action (in game) to that particular mouse, it will sometimes recognize it, most of the time it wont.


And made double sure I have profile up and profile down. Even manually setting in the software has no effect on the above.

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  • Corsair Employees
Realism51, if the firmware re-flash doesn't solve your problem, put in a RMA request and I'll replace it for you. I'd also like your mouse back for analysis as I've never seen a profile LED "revert" back to a specific setting.
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Okay so for the first two days It went fairly well until I logged onto DDO and tried switching the profiles back and forth. Even though macros work, DDO in software and hardware mode only will recognize buttons 7 and 8 now (main clickies still work). Although when switching profiles it eventaully went back to having 3 LEDs lit up.This is rather frustrating, whats the point in having an MMO mouse that you cant use in an MMO.


It worked fine after reflashing then went to **** again


Although my non DDO profile, profile 1 has keys 12, 15, 7, working

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May have found a work around. Created new profile 3 and keyed keystrokes to macro before setting them in game. even though wouldnt full recognize before if I set them on the keyboard in settings, then reclick on them with the mouse button it seems to get it working at the moment.
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So doing this route, the buttons on the mouse end up locking the mouse key into hold down mode. Frustrating when you are crouching down and cant get up because you held crouch to long on the mouse and it thinks double clicked it making it lock you into perma crouch until you reclick it.

Even created a 4th profile (3 profile LED problem still in effect). And tried keying buttons into Counter Strike GO, wont recognize any buttons beyond 7 and 8. Try hitting 9 or 10, nothing, wont even register a button is being pressed, but if you have the 9 or 10 set with a keystroke like = then it will see the = and key it to that on the keyboard.

I am really really disappointed with this mouse. Look wise and build quality looks great, but functionality = fail! Hard to believe corsair released such a horrible product. There is no point in a multi function mouse if 75% of them are not going to be workable.

And the end of the day, I really regret purchasing this mouse, It has the same functionality as my old M510 Logitech at 3 times the price.

Lets see if the other corsair products I bought based off of this items first glance and corsairs roaring reputation will hold up.

The carbide case I bought, cant go wrong with that, although a basic manual of what is what would have been nice. No instructions, no papers.

PSU hey at least its functioning like it should.

H80i - oh wow, it was real nice to open this puppy up and find half the screws and washers missing and NO instructions. Certainly I am glad that I got sent the right parts after I stated to RMA dept. Thankfully I youtubed how to put it together.

Leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and I think Even though I own mainly Corsair products (that are iffy) I may avoid Corsair in the future.

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  • Corsair Employees
I'm sorry you had problems with the H80i and the missing accessories. My offer is still open t o replace the mouse for you. As for CS:GO, the game won't detect additional buttons beyond a certain number of them because of an OS limitation. Some companies work with the developer to incorporate their mouse/software to detect the additional buttons to compensate for this. However, as long as you a keypress to our software, you can work around it as wel.
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