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Hello, I am using the Corsair K90


I am using a program called Sandboxie and I am trying to launch Firefox through Sandboxie.


I wanted to use the G Keys to launch Firefox within Sandboxie however the command line for the G keyed shortcut is "E:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe"


I need it to read "E:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" default_browser


How come the the K90 Software is cutting off the default_browser part of the shortcut command? Is there a way to manually edit it?


Thank you for any help,

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I came across your post trying to fix a similar problem...

And I figured out a way!!! :D So thought I would share it eventhough your post is kinda old.

If you already thought of another way then maybe this will help someone else.


I myself have the K95, but i guess this works on any device.


First off make a shortcut of the program you wanna start.

Then open "properties" and edit the "target".

Then open the Corsair Utility Engine and make a new shortcut in the "actions"-tab.

Select the "run program"-option and (here is the kicker) TYPE in the location of the shortcut you created and edited earlier.

Finding the shortcut with the explorer window and double-clicking on it will NOT work!!

Just make sure you fill in something like "C:\whateverdir\whatevershortcut.lnk".

And there you go :)


It worked for me.

Thanks to this little trick I can now force-close any program running in the background without losing window-focus.

Hope this helps you.. or anybody else :)



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