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It has been 7 business days since I opened this ticket with no reply.


I have asked twice if I needed to provide more information. I have gotten no emails nor responses on the ticket; though the status for my RMA has been set as 'approved' nearly the entire time.


Can I finally get some input?

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I /updated/ my ticket yesterday with more information and asking for a reply.


Please see image attached OR you can view details of my ticket here.



I hid my name, email, and phone.


Please do not try and tell me I /opened/ it yesterday. It clearly states I opened it on the 15th of this month 2013.


I am saddened by this lack of communication and help.

I have checked any and all email accounts that are associated with information I have given Corsair. I have checked my Barracuda spam server and have not seen a blocked email from Corsair.


Your move..


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Is there any way you could give me the direct number for your supervisor? I feel your lack of attention to detail and disregard for standard due diligence warrants an escalation.


I work as a system administrator for a major manufacturing company. While ,for the past six years, I've purchased almost exclusively Corsair brand memory this is the first time I've had to deal with this level of trouble for an RMA. I therefore do not see myself purchasing from Corsair any longer. Last year I spent nearly ten thousand dollars of memory through our distributor Infotel Distributors (The Owners of Tiger Direct). This sort of run around, and blatant disregard for customers is appalling.


Please get back with me ASAP.



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The automated system did approve the request, however it got hung up on something which I'll investigate. I've had someone manually approved the RMA for you. They'll send out an email to you momentarily with further RMA instructions.
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