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K90 LED clusters out and repeating C key issue.


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I just recently noticed that my K90 Keyboard has no LED keys lit on the Esc-F12 cluster, Print Screen-Page Down cluster, media keys, and very dimly lit G1-G18 keys. I tried multiple USB slots but I am pretty sure they went out.


Also I have this intermittent issue with my "C" key when I type. for example when I type the word cat. Sometimes it comes out cat, and other times it comes out ccat. Seems like it randomly registered a double tap. I tried installing the latest firmware and drivers, but the issue still exists.


Is there any way I can get some assistance from a Corsair rep who can refer me to any options I may have? Here are a few pics of the LED issues.








Appreciate your time,

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Ram Guy, my case number is as follows: ticket # 6024624.


During the online RMA process, I wasn't able to select the Advanced RMA so that I can have a replacement sent before having to ship mine back. The radio button was grayed out. I left a note in the ticket asking if it would be possible to request this.



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Interesting. I logged into my ticket and the support rep mentioned the following:


"Hi (name edit), please note that there are no LEDs under Esc-F12 cluster, Print Screen-Page Down cluster, media keys. The G1-G18 keys have a passive lighting system (not like the rest that have an LED under each key)."


Is this correct? I've seen videos and other users with LED's there. Anyways, he did provide a contact number so I can advance RMA it. Just thought it was weird of what I was informed.


Edit: I just contacted Support and the Rep was rather helpful and very patient with my questions. Looks like there are no K90's in stock, so per my discussion, I will call back this Friday for the next availability of product stock. I must say that I am rather impressed with the staff at Corsair.

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