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brand new Force 3 GS 240GB: Should I upgrade the FW or NOT?

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Corsair is sending me a new SSD Force 3 GS 240Gb as a RMA replacement.

I will be installing that as the primary drive with Win7 64.

1. How can I find out what is my FW version ?

2. Should I even bother to upgrade the FW?

3. Is it possible to upgrade even before installing OS?

4. or I should first boot the PC with another Bootable HDD and do the FW upgrade on the SSD and then remove the HDD and install Win7 again on SSD?

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Exactly, i updated every version each. Never run into problems.


Just to mention i do same for my Motherboard with Beta-BIOS... one day ago a faulty FINAL bricked my board ;)



Instead while not having "a problem" broken TRIM could have destroyed my drive by now, so doing the FW was good in the past.


SInce we have no changelog and corsair not willing to release it, i assume there are siginificant bugs beeing fixed.


I suggest you to do it, but... please READ THE MANUAL of the FW-Update process. S*it can still happen, nobody can guarantee a FW-update will work 100%.


BTW: If you got it RMA recently it should already have latest FW.

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