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Vengeance 1500 crackling only with driver


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Problem with my corsair 1500 is crackling, with different levels, when i start a game, firefox....


It only happens when driver 1.1 is installed. With Windows Drivers no problem.


I tried a lot of fixes:


-Switching USB port

-Disabling hardware acceleration



On another computer, there is no problem even if the driver is installed.


Seeing as the headset works on another PC, the headset itself is not the problem. Must be a software issue, like driver interfering with something...


I tried the 2.0.7 drivers, the problem dissapears but volume is way too loud, even with a "1" on windows volume control.


Thank you for your attention.

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also would be appreciated if you sent me the email, im experiencing crackling on left cup with 1.1 drivers and on both cups with 2.0.19, really annoying, tried on different PC, same thing, crackling is still there, but no crackling without any drivers.
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