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yes, it came, but I didn't know that you are using UPS service.


Our country hates commercial post services like UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx :(

To get your package I need to pay taxes and additions (about 80% of item's cost) and waste about 5 hours. It's like a quest game with 19 checkpoints. It's true. It is easier to buy a new one.


I asked about possibility of "I can refuse of an item at post office and it will come back to you. When it comes you will resend the Item as a simple cheep EMS package with trackId". Is it possible?

Or maybe you can change a destination, I can give you an address of my friend in England or Ukraine. I can pay for shipping.


Please, let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

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I am sorry but that is not possible and there should be no fee's that you have to pay as far as I know. I would suggest calling our customer service by phone and work this out with them.
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