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600t fan controller replacement


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So my fan controller is failing on me and I requested an RMA. I received a fast response which was nice but I was told in my email that I was supposed to send my fan controller to the RMA department before I could get a replacement???? That is ridiculous. First of all I don't even know how to take apart the case to take out the fan controller and once I do that my pc will potentially be out of commission because of this?


I requested instructions on how to remove the fan controller and it's been almost a week with no response. I also do not think this is very good customer service to make me return the faulty product without instructions and leave me without my system.


Can someone help me out here with how to remove the fan controller? I saw a youtube video that showed how to disassemble the case but the video is dark and it doesn't show you how to actually take out the fan controller nor any verbal instructions.

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