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Corsair 2000 first use.


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Hello everyone.


I am trying to use my brand new headset (it looks amazing!), but something is wrong.


I am following the quick start guide, the USB adapter is pluged and the headset is "charging" for the first time.


Since 30 minutes ago, the red fast blinking is still there and i cant use the headset.


Can someone help me? thanks.

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Are there any problems with the battery after the full charge?


If yes, You can contact your seller and ask if they can replace the headset for you. If not, request an RMA to replace it. (This is also the same for the charging L.E.D.)

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Hello all.


I have to revive this thread because i am keep using the headset even with the wrong led charging light.


Since 1 hour ago, i cant use it because the lights on the headset are freezed.


The blue light when its turn on and the amber light at the mini usb port. Tried to unplug everything and the blue light turns off but the amber one is still on.


What can i do? should i leave it till the lights are off and charge it again?

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