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Another broken V2000


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So, I bought a V2000 late last year, and it broke within 3 months on the plastic above the earcups. Returned it to my supplier for an replacement, and within 2 months, this also broke in exactly the same place. Attempted to submit this RMA to my supplier, and was told I'd have to send it to Corsair.


The hundreds of threads here indicate this is certainly not a remote issue, and I refute the "<0.1% of headsets are returned" claim I read a while back. I think "40% of AX1200's will eventually cracked". I considered gutting the drivers and hardware out of them, and making my own custom headset that WAS strong, but since bought a Gamecom 780 which uses metal rods above the earpieces.


In addition to this, I think I need to return my AX1200. Voltage readings are way below what they should be, and while technically within spec 90% of the time, the PSU has been proven to be the cause of my issues (as after 2 weeks with a new PSU, the issues have not returned, and voltage readings are where they should be). For example, when it's 'acting out of spec', the 3.3V line can be showing ~2.7V whereas the ATX spec would be 3.135V as an absolute minimum - The maximum I saw it in the last few weeks was 3.16V. The fan also never seemed to spin down even at idle. I eliminated every other source of sound in the case and this was all that was left.


I'll say that the AX1200 has aged, but the warranty is for 7 years and so I'd like to call it in on the basis of the PSU no longer functioning to the level it specifies.


Anyway, my question is when will the RMA request service be back up and will Corsair be willing to cover shipping on at least 1 of the items, or would it be possible to get both as a single RMA and then get the cost of that one package covered (at least partly) instead? I'm in the UK, so assuming I have to ship them back to Holland, it's going to cost me a large amount.




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