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Nice a Beta was released, here's the issue i'm still seeing. This problem occurs with all versions I've tested so far. If you use PWM fans set the curve to custom and set your points 1,2,3,4,5 if you set your last point (#5) to lets say 30 deg C and your temps ramp up to 40 that specific fan will eventually loose its temp sync and ramp down to a low speed which seems to be it 40% mark. I'm sure if Corsair fixes this allot of issues will be solved.


TIP: to solve this issue I keep point 4 and 5 at its max 70 with a speed of my fans rating. therefore my curve look s like this POINT1 27-1000RPM, POINT2 28-1325RPM, POINT3 29-1525, POINT4 30-1825, POINT5 70-1825. IT SEEMS LIKE IF YOUR TEMP GOES HIGHER THAN YOUR HIGHEST POINT TEMP THE SOFTWARE OR NODE LOOSE THE TEMP SYNC (LOOSES THE TEMPERATURE READING).

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