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USB connection problem? What for this Corsair Link Firmware 2.0.6?


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Hi I have H80i and latest fireware 1.0.5 and and beta corsair link I have problem with USB connection? I really dont get when I start to my machine I always must to USB connection plug out and plug in back then Corsair Links connection my H80i. This is really frustrate to me. How can I fix this?


An also what is this Corsair Link Firmware 2.0.6 is this for H80i or not?

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Every restart I must to unplug and replug if Im not Corsair Link doesnt detect to my H80i.


I did this; But I dont get any result still I must to every restart unplug and replug....


Q: Corsair Link does not detect my hardware, I have checked the cables and they are secure. What now?

A: Corsair Link relies on the standard USB Plug-n-Play device connection and detection methods, but sometimes component variances and other configuration options can cause Corsair Link to not detect some hardware items. If you are not seeing your device, close Corsair Link completely and try one of the following:


1. Unplug the Corsair Link USB plug from your motherboard and reboot your system. Then re-attach the USB plug and reboot once more. This can force a re-detection.

2. Go to Device Manager and click “Scan for Hardware Changes”, this can sometimes assist as well.

3. Stop Corsair Link Hardware monitor under task manager then uninstall the software from the control panel including all the profiles. Install the Corsair Link SW again then go to “Options” tab and then click “Reset to defaults” then shutdown the system. Unplug the USB connector from the USB header then plug it back in to the same header or try a different header, then turn the system back on.

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